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Center for Community Practice (CCP)

The Center for Community Practice (CCP) of the Infectious diseases Division, University of Rochester Medical Center has over 25 years of experience in providing integrated HIV/STD/VH public health services in clinical, community, and criminal/juvenile justice settings, and in delivering capacity building services including training and technical assistance (TA).
With a long-standing commitment to the field of HIV/STD/VH, and a mission of providing training/education, patient service, and research, with each area informing the others, CCP maintains an infrastructure for providing state-of-the-science information to our health department CBA consumers. Our direct, ongoing experience in public health program and clinic management, and service delivery to priority populations is a basis for faculty and staff expertise in the development and provision of prevention and clinical programs as well as training and TA services to health departments and providers in public health, community, and healthcare organization settings.

As a CDC-designated STD/HIV Prevention Training Center (PTC) within the National Network of STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers, CCP provided CBA services to health departments, community based organizations, and clinical providers nationally in the use of biomedical and behavioral interventions and public health strategies. Since becoming a CDC-funded CBA for health departments in 2009, CCP has expanded HIP-specific HIV/STD/VH services by implementing changes to align with NHAS, national HIV prevention policy and CDC’s High Impact HIV Prevention Initiatives, giving our faculty and staff broad experience and expertise in the provision of HIP-specific CBA services to health departments and their funded contractors. Patricia Coury-Doniger, Director
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