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Linking and Integrating Networks for Collaboration

NMAC provides capacity building assistance through the Linking and Integrating Networks for Collaboration (LINC) program, specifically targeting capacity building for community-based organizations, within the Capacity Building Assistance Division.
LINC works to strengthen the collaborative efforts within HIV service provider networks to streamline HIV prevention, care, and treatment service provision and integration to advance the goals of Community High Impact Prevention (CHIP). LINC provides culturally intelligent CBA services, both proactively and re-actively in the form of information dissemination, training, and technical assistance (TA) for activities related to: Prevention with Positives Persons (PwP), Prevention with High Risk Negative Persons (PwN), and Organizational Development (OD).

3MV, CLEAR, HR, PCC, Grantwriting Institute, Building Leadership for Organizational Change and Sustainability (BLOCS), Main Essentials for Mid-Level Executives (MEMLE)

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Prevention with HIV-Positive Persons, Prevention with High-Risk HIV-Negative Persons, Organizational Development & Management