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Community Impact Solutions Project

ETR’s Community Impact Solutions project (CISP) formerly known as Tabono, has worked to strengthen the capacity of the HIV workforce to plan, implement, and sustain community high-impact HIV prevention interventions and strategies.
We support prevention with HIV Positive and High-risk Negative individuals and Organizational Development and Management.

The CISP approach to CBA delivery acknowledges the dynamic nature of HIV prevention and service trends and puts in place strategies to remain anticipatory, responsive, state-of the-science, and culturally and linguistically appropriate. CISP applies a blended learning approach driven by the Adult Learning Theory to ensure all CBA is effectively addressed in this way.

The CISP CBA cycle includes 5 phases:
- assess and plan;
- design and deliver;
- engage and market;
- support and coordinate;
- and monitor and evaluate.

Much of our CISP work begins with the completion of a HIP Assessment, an online tool created by CISP CBA experts. The HIP Assessment prompts CBOs to identify the strengths and limitations of their program for achieving HIP alignment. A CISP team member uses the results to provide CBA recommendations to increase HIP alignment in the lowest scoring areas. CISP focuses on providing organizations with state-of-the-science information, training, and technical assistance to increase the impact of their programs.

We create e-Learning modules, webinars, podcasts, and tip sheets for cutting-edge, dynamic learning exchanges based on emerging issues and research.
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CBA Components

Prevention with HIV-Positive Persons, Prevention with High-Risk HIV-Negative Persons, Organizational Development & Management